Nyda comb lice and nits

Metal to diagnose comb and Remove lice and nits from the hair.

Manufacturer: Nyda

SKU: 9570584 NYDA comb lice and nits


Nyda comb lice and nits can diagnose the presence of lice and nits. It allows to examine the hair of each Member of the family to determine the possible presence of larvae and living lice.

This comb allows also to remove lice and nits from the hair. Indeed, when the presence of lice and nits is confirmed, should be an effective treatment. When the time for the application of this treatment is respected, this comb can be used to remove lice and nits dead.

This metal comb allows to withdraw:

  • lice grey to brownish, big as a sesame seed

  • larvae, small lice that hatched,

  • nits, lice eggs white to Brown about the size of a grain of sand that are firmly attached to the hair.

instructions for use Nyda comb lice and nits:

  • brush hair carefully and eliminate potential nodes

  • make successive rays and form strands,

  • hold the comb of such so that the curved handle is oriented away from the head,

  • begin at the level of the scalp and slide the comb slowly up the spikes, Strand by strand,

  • after each pass the comb check the presence of lice or nits on the comb and clean it thoroughly with a tissue paper.

Nits that remain in hair after a complete treatment lice as NYDA are mostly dead and are most contagious.


Stainless steel comb.