Nuxe cream beauty skin normal Tube 30ml


SKU 9474656 Nuxe cream beauty skin normal Tube 30 ml

Properties Nuxe cream tube:

Cream moisturizing and soothing 24 hours.

Thanks to its formula of plant milks, your skin is quenched and detentdue.

This the silky texture cream provides your skin with any necessary moisture for 24 hours. The water reserves of the skin are strengthened and the water level is maintained.

This treatment reduced feelings of discomfort on your skin and sensitive skin irritations.

Your skin is fresh and recharged. She finds all its flexibility and its sweetness.

It is perfectly suitable for normal and sensitive skin.

Tips for using Nuxe cream tube:

Apply morning and/or evening.

For best results, use fresh cream serum of nuxe under your cream.

composition Nuxe cream tube:

Contains 93% of ingredients of natural origin.

Made from 8 plant milks, aloe vera and Salicornia secve.

White flowers of almond and orange.

conservation Nuxe cream tube:

Keeps 12 months after ouvrture