Nuxe beauty 50ml cream mask

SKU: 9474685 Nuxe fresh beauty cream mask

Properties Nuxe mask costs:

This mask moisturizes and soothes your skin for 24 hours. Basic plant milks and white flowers it quenches and relaxes your skin.

Thanks to its formula enriched with white flowers of almond and orange blossom, it immediately soothes sensitive skin and reduces the sensations of discomfort such as redness, tingling and others.

Ideal for the face and around the eyes, your skin is radiant and relaxed.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

This mask is fresh and delicate, it relieves your skin without irritating it. Your skin is protected from external aggressions.

operating tips Nuxe mask costs:

Apply on the face and around the eyes and allow 10 minutes.

Do penetrate the surplus by gently massaging your skin from the tip of the fingers or remove the product with the Lotion tonic Nuxe.

composition Nuxe mask costs:

Contains 90% of ingredients of natural origin.

To 8 plant milks

Aloe vera SAP


White flowers of almond and orange blossom

conservation Nuxe mask costs:

Keeps 6 months after opening