Nutritional Jonzac effect protector 200ml body cream

body cream protective effect for dry to very dry.

Manufacturer: Jonzac

SKU: 9470285 nutritional Jonzac body effect protector 200ml cream


Dry skin is a skin that has an imbalance in water and lipids. They are present in quantity and quality below normal.

That is why, especially for dry to very dry, Jonzac laboratories designed nutritious body cream protective second skin. This cream helps the skin to regain its functional balance.

Daily, it brings healing and nutrition to the skin. Moreover, she did not assault the skin and does not irritate him because it was formulated and tested to minimize the risks of allergies.

Results are visible from the first application. The skin regains its softness and comfort.

Tips for using Jonzac nourishing body cream:

Apply 1-2 times a day on clean, dry skin.


This cream suitable for babies, children and adults.