Nutrisant Manhae Menopause 90 capsules 3 months cure

Manhae 90 capsules 3 months cure
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté


SKU 9935689 Nutrisant Manhae Menopause 90 Capsules 3 months Cure


Manhae offers a natural and safe solution to any woman who wants to reduce her hot flashes and night sweats, find its tone and preserve his youthful menopausal without resorting to hormones, even vegetable (soy, linen, Sage...).

Manhae offers the first solution risk free for:

-Ease hot flashes,

-Calm nervousness,

-Find tone,

-Give the skin a healthy glow,

-Find light legs without resorting to hormones, even plant origin.


Flushing, anti-fatigue and radiance of the skin.


Citroflavonoids, flesh of fish rich in omega 3, gamma-linolenic acid-rich Borage Oil, mineral oil: gluconate iron, zinc gluconate, Endophospholipides (Omega 3 marine), natural vitamin E, natural beta-carotene, vitamin B9. Assets of natural origin: Endophospholipides, Borage, antioxidant oil.


Take 1 capsule per day during the main meal.

Manhae can be taken by women for whom hormone treatment is prohibited. Presentation: Box of 90 capsules

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