Nutrisant Magnesium + vitamin 24 effervescent tablets

Nutrisant effervescent magnesium + vitamin 24 comps
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté


SKU 9922480 Nutrisant Magnesium + vitamin 24 effervescent tablets


Nutrisant magnesium + vitamin help relaxation and relaxation. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Magnesium helps fight the tiredness and promotes relaxation conducive to sleep.

directions for use:

Dissolve 1 tablet a day in a glass of water, the morning preferably or early afternoon. A regular outlet will promote satisfactory results. A renew as often as necessary.

no sugar, no aspartame and with a naturally occurring sweetener extracted from the stevia plant. Sweetener: sorbitol, acidifier: citric acid, mineral: magnesium oxide, acidity corrector: sodium acid carbonate, holder: polyethylene glycol, natural aroma orange, sweeteners: sachharine, acesulfame, rebaudioside A, vitamins: B6, B2, B1.

Box of 24 effervescent tablets.

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