Nutrisanté Lecitone Genius Memory 45 capsules

Nutrisant lecitone genius memory 45 capsules
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté
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SKU 2006745 Nutrisant Lecitone Genius memory 45 capsules


Lecitone Genius memory of NUTRISANT, a dietary supplement that stimulates the intellectual functions during examinations or revisions. The NUTRISANT lab develops nutritional supplements, herbal teas and infusions for the well-being of the body by natural biological ingredients. This food supplement improves concentration and brain functions, avoids the holes of memory, facilitates the exchange of information between the neurons, and fight against free radicals while preserving the premature aging of cells, thanks to phospholipids that are essential for neurons to facilitate the exchange of information, Omega 3s, which are rich in fatty acids, vitamin E , as well as to the e. P.A. and DHA (specific lipids). Lecitone Genius brings 360 mg of DHA per day to promote the memory and concentration.

directions for use:

Take 3 capsules per day during the main meal of the day with a glass of water, for 15 days minimum. Cure to renew if necessary. : Box 45 capsules


fish oil, capsule (gelatine of fish, stabilizing: glycerol, coloring: caramel), originemarine phospholipids (fish), natural vitamin E. Phosphologie of long-chain fish guaranteed DHA (omega-3): 75 mg omega-3-rich fish oil: 1500 mg vitamin e 7.5 mg

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