Nutrisanté Lecitone Magnesium 60 capsules

Lecitone relaxation and sleep without addiction and natural

Manufacturer: Nutrisanté

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Nutrisant Lcitone 60 Glules


Trouble finding sleep? Nocturnal Awakenings? Feeling tired upon waking up?

Repair, sleep is essential for the balance of the body and health.

Yet, nearly nine million french complain of insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, nocturnal Awakenings).

Lecitone Magnesium helps to improve sleep and find a natural and quality sleep.

directions for use:

3 capsules to take the evening dinner for 2 months.


Maltodextrin, Magnesium oxide, Ovophospholipides (hatched from eggs), Anti-caking agents (salts of Magnesium of acids fat silicon dioxide), vitamin E natural. Capsule: Fish hydrolyzed protein colouring agent (Caramel).


60 capsules