Nutrisant Infusion Bio young MOM 20 sachets

Bio nutrisant infusion young mother 20 bags
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté
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SKU 6404626 Nutrisant Infusion Bio young mother 20 Sachets


Infusion Bio Bio herbal - for young MOM. Helps young pregnant mom or the young mother breast-feeding in favouring the relaxation and well-being. The virtues of organic plant:

  • fennel: promotes lactation.
  • Melissa: helps soothe and calm MOM.
  • the aniseed and Peppermint: facilitate digestion.
  • thyme: helps stimulate the natural defences.

BREW three to five minutes if possible in water source.

Drinking two to three cups

Mette 1 sachet in a cup and pour simmering water.

BREW 3 minutes to allow the plants to fully release their flavors, and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

2 to 3 cups per day.

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