Nutrisant Infusion Bio Cranberry 20 sachets

Bio nutrisant infusion cranberry 20 bags
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté
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SKU 6124022 Nutrisant Infusion Bio Cranberry 20 sachets


Infusion Cranberry Bio de NUTRISANT, a delicious infusion to aid in the removal and find the general welfare of the organization. The NUTRISANT lab develops nutritional supplements, herbal teas and infusions for the well-being of the body by natural biological ingredients. This delicious BREW consisting of cranberry, which is a small Bay red, associated with the nettle, burdock and dandelion, will remove toxins and excess water to encourage the natural elimination, purify the body and thus reduce recurrent urinary genes and prevent urinary tract infections.

directions for use:

Drink 1-2 cups at night after the meal. Put 1 bag in a cup of simmering water. Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes to allow the plants to fully release their flavor depending on the desired intensity. : Box of 20 bags


cranberry (18.5%), nettle (18.5%), burdock (18.5%), Chamomile (18.5%), hibiscus (18.5%), dandelion (7.4%). 100% of the ingredients are from organic farming.

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