Nutrisant Infusion Bio Cholesterol and Regulation of sugars 20 sachets

Bio nutrisant infusion cholesterol and regulation of sugars 20 sachets
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté


SKU 4701202 Nutrisant Infusion Bio Cholesterol and Regulation of sugars 20 Sachets


Bio Nutrisant infusions are 100% natural and meet the requirements of Organic Agriculture.

All plants that are used in their composition are cultivated in a natural way with environmentally friendly methods of environment and without the use of genetically modified organism, in accordance with the organic production method.

Without artificial flavour, our infusions shall retain all the purity of plants for a natural pleasure.

Always in this environmental approach, our bags-filters are made of paper not bleached with chlorine and do not clip have to avoid oxidation. Slimming digestion, relaxation, circulation... enjoy all the benefits on a daily basis from the range Bionutrisante.

This infusion contains plants that in combination of a suitable diet, helps regulate blood glucose levels, maintain a good rate of cholesterol and triglycerides, and improve blood circulation.

- The bilberry, burdock and eucalyptus combine to regulate blood sugar levels.

-Fenugreek helps reducing bad fats.

-The olive tree is at the level of the blood vessels by helping to improve blood circulation.

Put 1 packet in a cup and pour simmering water.

BREW 3 minutes to allow the plants to fully release their flavors, and up to 5 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

1 after every meal, in addition to specific arrangements and a possible treatment.

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