Nutrisant Gynogel 50ml

SKU: 7303413 Nutrisant Gynogel 50Ml


Imbalance in the female flora? Itching? Gynogel is a gel that helps to strengthen and maintain the natural balance of the feminine flora. It contains a molecule with water retention capacity and provides a moisturizing activity. Gynogel helps strengthen the natural barrier against pathogens (demonstrated in vitro). Gynogel: Is in less than 5 min. while preserving the intimate balance. It can be taken in addition to gynecological treatment. Is colorless, odorless, without fragrance, preservative and does not stain. Combines efficiency and respect for your body.

directions for use:

After the toilet and drying careful of the area concerned, apply morning and evening the equivalent of a small amount of gel on the irritated party and spread gently. In the event of discomfort during the day, proceed to an additional application. Notes: The possible feeling of tingling or overheating when the application is normal and disappears in a few seconds. A persistent burning sensation may occur in this case, stop the applications and seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor. External use


Aqua, Glycerin, Peg 8, Caprylyn Glycol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Sodium polyacrylate.


50 ml tube