Nutrisant Force G Stimulant 10 bulbs

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Stimulating G force and physical and intellectual dynamism!

Manufacturer: Nutrisanté

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Lack of tone, of force or energy? Forge G is a concentrate of energy bringing together in a single bulb 3 natural assets:

1 - the ginger: Herb traditionally used in Asia where its underground stem, the rhizome, enjoys an age-old reputation.

2 - the GINSENG: helps support vitality by combating fatigue. The asset also helps maintain good cognitive performance, including memory.

3 - the GUARANA: contains caffeine, it helps to maintain the dynamism of the body and to protect to help him be more resistant, especially during seasonal changes.

directions for use:

1 bulb per day diluted in 1/2 glass of water or fruit juice. A regular outlet will promote satisfactory results.

G FORCE immediate action: 1 bulb before the effort to help energize and give a boost to your tone.

G FORCE acting: 1 ampoule per day for 20 days to help regain vitality, dynamism and force.


water, fructose syrup, guarana extract (including caffeine 19.80 mg), Ginseng panax Meyer (whose Ginsenosides 11.50 mg), Ginger (including Gingerol 2.40 mg)


10 bulbs



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