Nutrisant Force G Power Max 10 bulbs

Force g power max 10 bulbs
Manufacturer: Nutrisanté
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SKU 4715888 Nutrisant Force G Power Max 10 bulbs


Complex energizing and invigorating - immediate effect - Maxi concentrated. Maxi concentrated Force G Power Max combines for the first time 6 assets enabling and energizing to provide an immediate and effective response to the tiredness.


The Ginseng, energizing natural rich in vitamins of Group B, helps bring the body the nutrients to increase physical capacity and mental. - the ginger, invigorating recognized, strengthens the organism and helps strengthen the defenses natural. - the Guarana, caffeine-rich plant tonic promotes the body's resistance and allows to recover more easily. - the Taurine, stimulating amino acid , plays a role in muscle by participating to eliminate toxins. -Arginine, amino acid known for its action on blood circulation, helps to strengthen and optimize muscular work. -Acerola, genuine concentrate of vitamin C 100% natural, enables the body to help fight the tiredness.

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