Nutrisant Effidigest Digestion difficult 12 sachets

Effidigest extract of lactic ferments and plants after meals in pouches

Manufacturer: Nutrisanté

SKU: 6569267

Nutrisant Effidigest Digestion Difficile 12 Sachets


Burdens? Bloating? Intestinal discomfort? Some digestive discomfort may be due to the decrease in the time allowed for meals. Taken too quickly, the food are not enough chewed and are struggling to be digested. EFFIDIGEST is a food supplement made from plant extracts and of lactic ferments the Effidigest formula contains extract of malt and extracts of exotic fruits, pineapple and papaya, which are equipped with an enzymatic activity. The formula is supplemented with lactic starters, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus naturally present in our digestive tract. Naturally, none of the assets of EFFIDIGEST is likely to lead to a phenomenon of digestive irritation

tips to use:

for immediate action on digestion, take 1 packet diluted in 1/2 glass of water at the onset of discomfort after meals. In cure, to permanently avoid bloating, take one packet diluted in 1/2 glass of water after each meal for 15 days.


fructose, lemon juice, maltodextrin, whey, yeast, lactic, extract of malt, orange natural flavour, lactose, rosehip, oat fibre, juice of papaya powder, emulsifier, soya lecithin, lactic ferments (bifidobacterium biffidum, lactobacillus acidophilus), anti-caking agent (silica).


12 sachets