Nutrisant degration Gel 100ml

SKU: 4331254 Nutrisant Rhumato Gel 100Ml


Degration freezing assets is a non-greasy massage concentrated in organic silicon gel. It is particularly indicated when muscle, joint, ligament or tendon pain (neck, back, knee, hand, shoulder...). Thanks to its high concentration of Silicon organic, your joints will regain flexibility, mobility and appeasement. INDICATIONS relieve joint, muscle, ligament and tendon genes. relax tendons and ligaments. improve flexibility, mobility and flexibility of joints. contributes to the consolidation of bone and cartilage. maintain the elasticity of the tissues. muscle Contracture, tendinitis. muscular, articular pain due to trauma or inflammation.

directions for use:

Apply 1 to 2 times per day on sensitive areas or more depending on the intensity of the gene. Massage by light circular movements until total penetration of the gel. The operating time is less than 4 consecutive days. To renew as necessary.


Tube 100 ml