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Food supplement enriched with argan for Quick tanning oil.

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Sunsublim tanning Integral is a dietary supplement to argan oil, p our a faster and more uniform Tan and skin is more radiant.

Alpha and beta carotene of red palm oil possess properties pigmentantes. the vitamin E and selenium helps protect cells from the oxidative stress.

operating tips:

1 capsules per day during a meal, 15 least days before, during and after exposure to the Sun.


For 1 capsule: argan oil (150 mg) - safflower oil - fish protein - stabilizing: glycerol - concentrate of carotenoids of palm oil (40 mg 4.8 mg of beta-carotene and 3 mg of alpha-carotene) - emulsifier: soya lecithin - vitamin E from natural origin (10 mg *)-thickener: beeswax - food colouring: caramel - Super oxide Dismutase (2 mg)-rich melon extract - flavor: vanilla - food dyes : titanium dioxide, iron oxide red cochineal - sodium Selenate (50 g * selenium element). May contain traces of: gluten, peanuts, eggs, milk, nuts, sesame seeds and crustaces.* 100% of the daily recommended intake * 100% of the recommended nutritional intakes.