Nutreov Physcience Sunsublim tanning skin Claire Lot 2 boxes + 1 offered

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SKU 5147676 Nutreov Physcience Sunsublim Tan skinned Lot 2 boxes + 1 offered

Properties Sunsublim tanning batch:

Sunsublim table to prepare and stimulate your skin to a uniform Tan. Your Tan is also prolonged.

Specially formulated for tanning of light skin thanks to its agents. The Alpha and beta carotene of red palm oil and lycopene from tomato possess properties pigmentantes. the Asthaxantine promotes a Tan uniform. the vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen. the vitamin E, selenium, and Zinc: helps protect cells from the oxidative stress.

Sunsublim tanning lot operating tips:

1 capsule per day during a meal. Ideally, start 15 days minimum before sun exposure and continue during and after the exhibition. it is essential to protect its skin from the Sun by using a barrier cream during exhibitions.

composition Sunsublim tanning batch:

for 1 capsule:

safflower oil - bovine gelatin - Glycerol - vitamin C - tomato extract - zinc Gluconate - vegetable - oils palm oil - cocoa - vitamin E - extract of algae - colloidal silica - carrot oil extract - E172 - Selenium - aroma iron oxide


Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 8
Average rating : 4.6 /5
S. Barbara
  the 12/02/2016
5/ 5
As a fair skinned, freckled person, I have used this product for a few years, and always take the tablets when I go on a 'sunshine' holiday.