Nutreov Physcience Sunsublim tanning skin Claire 28 capsules

SKU: 4540472 Sunsublim tanning skin Claire box 28 capsules indications: prepares, stimulates and prolongs the tanning of the skin clear and fragile. Physcience laboratories research has developed the innovative formula of Sunsublim tanning Special skin clear. Exclusive laboratories Physcience, this food supplement helps to : the Alpha and beta carotene of red palm oil and Lycopene have properties pigmentantes. the Astaxanthin promotes a uniform tanning.

The vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation to ensure the normal function of the skin.

The vitamin E, selenium, and Zinc: helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Evening primrose oil, gamma-linolenic acid helps maintain elasticity, flexibility and the health of the skin and helps combat the dryness.

operating tips: take 1 capsule in the morning with a full glass of water. ideally starting 20 days before sun exposure and continue during and after the exhibition. Sunsublim does not stop UV rays. It is essential to protect its skin from the Sun by using, during the exhibition, a protective sunscreen. Composition: for 1 capsule: safflower oil - fish protein - vitamin C (60 mg) - tomato extract 10% of lycopene (72 mg) - stabilizing: glycerol - Gluconate zinc (i.e. 7.5 mg of zinc element) - plant Triglycerides - concentrate of carotenoids of palm oil (29 mg) - cocoa 12% of polyphenols extract - original natural (D alpha tocopherol vitamin E (, vegetable oil, or the equivalent of 10 mg of vitamin E) - extract of alga Haematococcus pluvialis to 5% of astaxanthin (20 mg) - stabilizing: E 471 - carrot oil - thickening agent: colloidal silica - food colouring: caramel - aroma: vanilla - food colours: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, culvert red - sodium Selenate (50 g of selenium element).