Nutreov Physcience Sunsublim full tanning 30 capsules

SKU: 4414253 Sunsublim tanning Integral moisturizer box of 30 capsules indications: promotes faster and more uniform tanning while limiting the harmful effects of the Sun. for a better Tan and softer skin, Sunsublim tanning Integral is enriched by one of the rarest oils of the planet: argan oil known for its moisturizing properties. From the argan tree, this elixir of beauty product in the Moroccan hinterland is traditionally used by Berber women for the beauty of their skin. operating tips: the particularly concentrated form of Sunsublim tanning Integral is that only one capsule per day enough. take 1 capsule in the morning with a full glass of water. ideally begin 15 days before sun exposure and continue during and after the exhibition. Sunsublim does not stop UV rays. It is essential to protect its skin from the Sun by using, during the exhibition, a protective sunscreen. Composition: for 1 capsule: argan oil (150 mg) - safflower oil - fish protein - stabilizing: glycerol - concentrate of carotenoids of palm oil (40 mg 4.8 mg of beta-carotene and 3 mg of alpha-carotene) - emulsifier: soya lecithin - vitamin E from natural origin (10 mg *)-thickener: beeswax - food colouring: caramel - Super oxide Dismutase (2 mg)-rich melon extract - flavor : vanilla - food colours: titanium dioxide, iron oxide red cochineal - sodium Selenate (50 g * selenium element).