Nutreov Physcience Stim Royal Jelly Royal 1500 mg 20 bulbs


SKU 5137287 Physcience Stim Royal Jelly Royal 1500 mg 20 bulbs


Change of season, drop shape, lack of energy... your body is showing signs of fatigue.
Stim Royal combines 5 assets of natural origin (which some from the hive) and vitamins of the B group.

This food supplement contains:

  • jelly Royal and propolis, nutritional products from the hive,

  • a Sea buckthorn/acerola association which is a natural vitamin C, intake

  • of vitamins B9 and C contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system,

  • of the Eleutherococcus also known as Siberian ginseng, invigorating plant and contributing to the adaptogen activity,

  • B3 and B9 vitamins that help to reduce fatigue ,

  • couple vitamin C and B3 contributing to metabolic energy normal.

operating tips:

take every morning, 1 bulb diluted in a glass of water for 20 days.

Renew if required.

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