Nutreov Physcience Speed drainer fruit red 500ml

Food supplement for a delicious red fruits taste express slimming programme.
Manufacturer: Nutreov Physcience


SKU: 9828930 Physcience Speed drainer fruit red 500ml


Speed drainer is a program express slimming to the delicious taste of red berries (Raspberry - cassis) Made from 10 plant extracts including ash and green tea, this oral solution is recognized for promoting renal excretion of water.. operating tips: Shake before use. 50 ml diluted in a glass of water.


For 1 tolerable Speed drain the fruit red: water, complex Eliminol [Fibres from chicory partiellementhydrolysees (8000 mg which: fructo-oligosaccharides, fructose, glucose, sucrose), excerpt from silk of maize (375 mg), Acidifier: citric acid, natural caffeine (96 mg), excerpt from tail of Cherry (51 mg), leaf extract green tea (51 mg), apples (50 mg) fibers, extract of cider vinegar] Fluid extract of Meadowsweet flowering tops (900 mg), fluid extract of ash sheet (900 mg), extract seaforium of orthosiphon sheet (900 mg), aromas (berries), coloring: caramel food, food preservatives: potassium sorbate, benzoate sodium, sweeteners: acesulfame potassium, sodium cyclamate.