Nutreov Physcience Speed Detox 280ml

SKU: 4136819 Nutreov Physcience Speed Detox 280 ml


SPEED DETOX is a herbal solution:

  • Thistle helps purify the body,

  • ash participates in weight, loss

  • dandelion plays a role in the be digestive.

Formulated without dye, without added sugar, it has a good lemon grapefruit taste.

operating Speed Detox tips:

Shake well before use.1 daily dose of 40 ml diluted in a glass of water.

Refrigerate after opening.


for a 40 ml: water, stabilizer: Glycerol, extracts of plants on maltodextrin and silica (817 mg): milk thistle seed Silybum Marianum L.Gaertr (280 mg), dandelion root Taraxacum Officinalis Radix (267 mg), sheet ash Fraxinus Exelcior L. (250 mg), Hawkweed Hieracium Pilosella L. (20 mg), Acidifier: natural acid, preservatives: Sorbate of Potassium, Sodium Benzoate, sweetener: Sucralose.Peut contain traces of gluten , milk, egg, fruit hulls, soybean, sesame seeds, fish, celery.