Nutreov Physcience Pectiligne Lipid Control Cal Blocker Lot 2 x 40 tablets


SKU 2630515 Nutreov Pectiligne Lipid Control Cal Blocker Lot of 2 x 40 tablets

Pectiligne Lipid Control helps to limit the adverse consequences of small gourmet weaknesses too frequent or too rich meals.

Chitosan, its main asset, contributes to the maintenance of a cholesterol levels normal.
the beneficial effect is obtained by a daily intake of 3g of Chitosan

operating tips:
2 to 3 tablets before each meal with a full glass of water (maximum 6 per day).
share the binding capacity of the lipids by Chitosan, to take away from drugs and especially of the contraceptive pill.


Chitosant (3000 mg), bulking Agents: maltodextrin, Phosphate dicalcium, tricalcium Phosphate - Fructo-Oligosaccharides - anti-caking agents: Magnesium Stearate. Contains:. Crustacean

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