Nutreov Physcience Pack Starter 10 sticks + 10 capsules

Pack Starter is a 10-day program that is optimized way.
Manufacturer: Nutreov Physcience


SKU 9718609 Nutreov Physcience Pack Starter 10 sticks + 10 capsules


Pack Starter lens laboratories Nutreov Physcience Silhouette is a lean on 10 days which is so optimized.

Pack Starter contains:

  • capsules made from Wakame, a marine, Brown seaweed that helps metabolism of fats, helps control weight,

  • doses concentrated in plant assets including green tea and ash, known for promoting renal excretion of water.

For maximum results, it is important to eat varied and balanced, and also to combine physical activity in its approach. The Starter Pack combines its formula a complete advice booklet, developed by nutritionists.

Pack Starter lens Silhouette operating tips:

the morning, dilute 1 stick in a large glass of water then swallow 1 capsule with this mix.


  • 1 capsule: rice starch, dry extract of wakame undaria pinnatifida(160mg), edible gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, E171.

  • 1 stick: water, extracted fluid of Meadowsweet flowering tops spiraea ulmaria(900mg), extracted fluid ash fraxinus excelsior(900mg) leaf, extract seaforium orthosiphon sheet orthosiphon stamineus B (900 mg), citrus aroma, extracted from corn silk zea but (375 mg), citric acid, flavour apricot, colour caramel E150c, caffeine naturelle(94mg), extract from tails cherry prunus cerasus on maltodextrine(50mg), extract of leaf of camellia green tea sinensis(50mg) , potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, potassium acesulfame, cyclamate sodium.

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