Nutreov Physcience Menodraine 20 water Retention tablets


SKU 4441451 Physcience Menodraine Retention D water 20 tablets

Properties: 7 extracts association plants draining (Yam, ash, queen of close, green tea, olive tree, rosemary, crithmum) helps your body to better eliminate water in excess. operating tips:

1 tablet per day attack Phase: 2 months without interruption. maintenance Phase: 1 month to renew in a year. Composition: Sorbitol - extract from Yam root rich diosgenin (Discorea opposita 84 mg - food variety) - extract from ash rich in hydroxycinnamic acids sheet (78 mg which: Ash leaf, maltodextrin)-extract from Queen of near flowering tops rich in salicylic acid (78 mg which) (: Queen near luminaries, maltodextrins)-leaf green tea extract rich LCGE and caffeine (60 mg) - hydroxypropyl - olivier acid-rich leaf extract oleanique (20 mg which: olivier sheet, maltodextrin) - dry extract of Rosemary (20 mg) rosmarinic acid-rich branch - Anti-caking agent: magnesium (stearic acid, magnesium oxide) - marine christe powder (10 mg) - stearate food colours: quinoline yellow , indigotine.