Nutreov Physcience Cystiregul 14 sticks


SKU 71461325 Physcience Cystiregul 14 sticks Information: In France, more than a million women are affected by problems of urinary tract infections and cystitis. That represents 20-30% of adult women per year, affected by a cystitis. Another highlight: 1 woman on 3 has had or will have cystitis lifetime. Urine, sterile environment in the bladder, is easily accessible to bacteria in the female for anatomical reasons (shorter than the male urethra). Generated urinary genes are often frequent and recurring as they can, in some women, occur more than 3 times in the year. these infections are caused by germs (mainly e. coli) holders of named "pili or frimbriae" filaments that allow their fixation on the walls of the urinary tract, causing inflammation. It is therefore essential to relieve but above all preventing these infections by acting on the filaments of the e. coli bacteria. Cystiregul innovation is based on these 2 synergistic actions: 1 / reduce fixation of some e. coli bacteria on the walls of the urinary tract through the berries of Cranberry. These red berries in North America, also known as Cranberry or Vaccinium macrocarpon, contain Proanthocyanidins which inhibit setting and elongation of fimbriae. Their effectiveness has been highlighted by numerous recent clinical studies and recognized by the AFSSA (favourable opinion from the AFSSA on April 6, 2004). 2 / limit microbial development, thanks to Heather, rich in arbutin known for its killer action and vitamin C, to its acidifying action. Cystiregul, the solution : Natural: 1 fruit + 1 plant + 1. vitamin Effective: assets for efficiency demonstrated the good assay. Practice: 1 unidose stick to always have with itself. Nice: 1 delicious aroma red fruits. Operating tips: two sticks-single dose daily, diluted in a glass of water or a bottle of water to drink throughout the day, away from the meal. crisis: during 7 days. prevention: 7 days per month for several months. Composition: cranberry extract (> 1% Proanthocyanidins) - maltodextrin - Acidifier: citric acid - flavours - excerpt from Heather luminary (> 2% of arbutin) - vitamin C - Anti-caking agent: dioxide Silicon - sweetener: aspartame. may contain traces of: milk, nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, celery and gluten. Contains a source of phenylalanine.