Nutreov Magne Control Double Diffusion 75 tablets

Magne Control helps reduce fatigue and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Manufacturer: Nutreov Physcience

SKU: 2107618

Nutreov Magne Control Double Diffusion 75 tablets


Sleep does not only to regain strength, it is essential to brain development or to provide certain metabolic functions. Limit his sleep time exposes to risks relating to vigilance, learning, overweight.

Have a sleep disorder or be nervous is therefore not good for health.

magne Control provides 300 mg of magnesium, 100% of the RDA in vitamin B6 and B9, and ensures a double distribution of assets: immediate and progressive in order to optimize their tolerance and their assimilation by the body during the day.

magnesium and vitamin B6 contributes to a normal energy metabolism and the normal functioning of the nervous system. these 2 assets also help reduce fatigue.

vitamin B9 contributes to normal psychological functions.

Nutreov Magne Control operating tips:

take 1 tablet per day morning to breakfast or in the evening at sunset, to swallow with a glass of water.


this food supplement should not be taken into substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. Do not exceed the acceptable daily intake.


Magnesium, vitamin B6 and B9.