Nutreov Laxeov Activ'Transit 10 tablets

dietary supplement caneficier, rhubarb, Senna, tamarind and magnesium.

Manufacturer: Nutreov Physcience

SKU: 8147949 Nutreov Laxeov Activ'Transit 10 tablets


Nutreov laboratory offers the nutritional supplement Laxeov Activ'Transit.

This dietary supplement is made from:

  • of caneficier,

  • rhubarb,

  • Senna,

  • Tamarin,

  • magnesium.

Caneficier help to maintain a good intestinal transit, regulates the transit time, maintains an optimal digestive congort.

Other assets complete these actions.


Transit and digestion.

operating tips

Take 1 tablet at night with a full glass of water. Renew this operation 5 days.