Nutergia Ergy-Yam Tube 100ml

Phyto-emulsion made from Yam, evening primrose oils and rosehip.

Manufacturer: Nutergia

SKU: 7525094 Nutergia Ergy-Yam

Properties Nutergia Ergy-Yam:

Ergy-Yam is a phyto-based Yam, rosehip and evening primrose oils emulsion whose anti-aging and moisturizing properties are beneficial to the stability and well-being of women, particularly during menstrual cycles and during menopause.

Tips Nutergia Ergy-Yam:

Used during menstrual cycles, apply the last 2 weeks of the cycle 1 to 2 this morning and/or evening in the face care hazelnuts inner thighs and arms.

Used for menopause, this treatment should be applied 3 weeks per month in the same way as for menstrual cycles.

conservation Nutergia Ergy-Yam:

After opening this treatment keeps 18 months.