Novanuit sleep Triple Action 30 capsules

SKU: 1006583 Novanuit sleep Triple Action 30 capsules


Novanuit sleep laboratories Sanofi is a food supplement for people who want to quickly find a restful sleep with a triple action that helps in relaxation, promotes sleep and reduces the nocturnal Awakenings. without any addiction or dependency, the effectiveness of Novanuit sleep is due to its complex of recognized assets:

  • extract Passionflower, ingredient 100% vegetable, provides relaxing action.
  • melatonin in 1 mg/day helps reduce time to sleep
  • extracts of California poppy and Melissa, 100% vegetable, allow the decrease of nocturnal Awakenings.

Novanuit sleep tips:

take Novanuit sleep 2 capsules a day preferably 30 minutes to 1 hour before sunset. 15-day renewable.


for 2 capsules: extract of Passionflower 150mg (equivalent plant dry 864mg), melatonin 1 mg, extract of poppy of California 8.4 mg (equivalent plant dry 25mg), extract from leaves of lemon balm 240 mg (equivalent plant dry 2000mg), vitamin B6 0.42 mg.