Normality 1000 pregnancy 90 capsules

Food supplement based on amino acids, bamboo, vitamins and trace elements.

Manufacturer: Codifra

SKU: 4031500 Codifra normality 1000 pregnancy 90 capsules


Normality 1000 pregnancy has been developed by Codifra Labs. Pregnancy is a time in the life of a woman whose nutritional needs are increased and it is therefore essential to be responsive to this increase in the needs for the proper development of the fetus and your health. Codifra laboratories have developed the normality 1000 pregnancy dietary supplement that perfectly meets the nutritional needs of a woman speaker.

Composition normality pregnancy 90 capsules:

  • biotin (vitamin B8), selenium, and zinc contribute to the maintenance of hair,

  • selenium and zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal, nails

  • ,
  • selenium, zinc and vitamin E help to protect cells from the oxidative stress.


Throughout the pregnancy, swallow daily 1 to 2 capsules with a large glass of water.