Noreva Trio White S care Photoprotective intensive 40ml

Trio White S, intensive care aims against the Brown task.

Manufacturer: LED NOREVA

SKU: 5124959 Noreva Trio White S care intensive 40 ml Photo-protecteur


With time, some women see appear on the back of their hands, their cleavage and the face of small brown spots. Considered as unsightly and unflattering, they are associated with aging. However, as pointed out by dermatologists these spots are not so much because of the age of excessive exposure to the Sun.Brown spots result from a disruption of melanin production.

Developed specifically to prevent the appearance of these spots related to sun exposure, Trio WhiteS aims care intensive effectively protects the skin of the face, dcollet and hands. It absorbs the melanin pigment naturally present in the skin, pigment spots when it is produced too much and reduces pigment stains already present. This treatment allows an exposure safe.

Trio White S intensive aims care tips:

Apply the care on the areas concerned before any sun exposure. Renew all 2 hours.