Noreva Sensidiane AR care anti-redness 30ml

SKU: 5200040 Noreva Sensidiane AR care anti-redness 30 ml

Sensidiane AR care anti-redness Noreva:


dedicated to sensitive and reactive skins with rashes localized or diffuse, Sensidiane AR ensures an immediate and prolonged result:

- the synergy of Neutrazen pro, associated with the innovative Calmactiv complex allows to act directly on expansion and responsible skin capillaries of unsightly redness embrittlement factors.

-Green iridescent mother-of-Pearl neutralize and reduce diffuse redness.

-Light agents allow to unify and brighten the complexion.

-Hydrators and film-forming ensure sustainable hydration, comfort and skin flexibility.

operating tips:

apply in the morning and/or the soirsur clean, dry skin.