Noreva Sebodiane DS shampoo 125ml

SKU: 4831152 Noreva Sebodiane DS shampoo 125 ml

description this shampoo has been developed for severe dandruff of the scalp.

Its unique formula has the patented complex: Kerato rguline which allows to quickly soothe irritations, to clean the scalp, regulates sebum secretion and effectively enable the elimination of dander.

Its gentle cleansing base ensures full respect for the integrity of the scalp.

Enriched with assets pantyhose and protective, it leaves hair clean, soft and shiny.

High tolerance, paraben-free advice In initial treatment: apply 2-3 times per week in alternation with a mild shampoo for 3 weeks.

In maintenance treatment: apply 1 times a week with a mild shampoo.

For the pellliculaires very severe or recurrent States, use Sebodiane DS shampoo in combination with Sebodiane DS Serum LP: during 1 week, apply Sebodiane Ds Serum LP, the evening at sunset, massage gently, let stand overnight. Wash your hair the next morning with shampoo Sebodiane Ds.