Noreva Psoriane soothing milk moisturizer 200ml

Soothing moisturizer that soothes and promotes the elimination of the plates and dander.

Manufacturer: LED NOREVA

SKU: 6127084 Psoriane soothing milk moisturizer 200 ml


Psoriane soothing and moisturizing milk soothes and promotes the elimination of plates and dander on face and the body of the child and the adult. Its fluid and non-oily texture allows for easy use and provides instant comfort. The skin is moisturised, soothed, protected and relieved. through its Keratolytic agents, it quickly improves the skin condition of the face and the body.

Psoriane milk soothing operating tips:

daily use on the skin morning and evening. Do not use in children under 3 years. Can be used as a complement to drug therapy of Psoriasis.