Noreva Noresun sunscreen with high Protection SPF50 + - 40ml

Sunscreen tinged very high protection. Natural colour.

Manufacturer: LED NOREVA

SKU: 9587892 Noreva UV PROTECT cream solar tinted very high Protection effect natural shade

Noresun UV PROTECT is a tinted cream with UVA and UVB protection.

Is fighting against these UV rays that the Noresun UV PROTECT cream is involved in slowing the aging of your skin and ensures an efficient antiradicalic shield.

This cream can be used to protect your wounds and scars from the rays of the Sun. It is composed of natural pigments to unify your skin tone and hide imperfections.

Operating tips

our pharmacists advise you do not expose you during the hottest hours. The best creams can protect you 100% of the Sun's rays. Noreva Noresun UV PROTECT should be applied on your skin in a generous manner before each exposure. Don't forget to reuse this cream after sport activity.