Noreva Noresun Gradual UV cream 50 + 40ml

SKU: 4120480 Noreva Noresun Gradual UV 50 + 40 ml


Gradual UV de Noreva is a range solar high protection for adults, children with sensitive skin adapting to the strength of the Sun, it ensures a high and very high protection solar anti UVA - UVB for all types of skins and anti-free radical efficiency. thanks to a formula reduced in chemical filters, photo-allergiques reactions are minimized. invisible non-sticky texture , is equipped with a Sun perfume that allows to combine intense protection and gesture of pleasure. It is ideal in the case of intense sunshine or skins very clear. formula high tolerance is 100% waterproof even after two baths and ensures a very high cell protection at the forefront of technology.

composition Noreva Noresun Gradual UV 50 +:

The Melan-Ox24 blocks free radicals due to the Sun, and continues to act on free radicals metabolism. cell-related combination of a peptide with a powerful antioxidant, it has a strong ability to capture free radicals. Melan-Ox24 ensures a protection of cells and DNA and prevents the vieillissemet skin.