Noreva Norelift Chrono Filler day care anti-wrinkle tensor mixed normal skin 30ml

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SKU: 8157617 Noreva Norelift Chrono Filler day care anti-wrinkle tensor normal to mixed 30ml skin


Noreva laboratories have developed the Norelift range to offer care anti-wrinkle year depending on the type of skin.

The care of day anti-wrinkle tensor for normal to combination skin allows decompbler fine lines and wrinkles while respecting the combination and normal skin and providing moisture needed to have glowing skin.

Is formulated for women 30/35 years having wrinkles and furrows in the forehead. He is recognized for its immediate tensing effect.

In addition, its fine texture allows a pleasant sensation when applied. This care matting is an escellente makeup base.


Anti-aging normal to combination skin.


operating tips

Once the Federal and neck cleaned, apply this treatment in the morning, gently massage to penentrer.



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T. Vaihere
  the 25/01/2018
4/ 5
Je n'ai pas encore assez de recul pour dire si cette crème est efficace mais sa texture est agréable et légère.