Noreva Norelift Chrono Filler anti-wrinkle tensor intensive 15ml Serum

SKU: 8157592 Noreva Norelift Chrono Filler anti-wrinkle intensive 15 ml Tensuer Serum


Noreva laboratories have developed the range Norelift for a solution for wrinkles.

Tensor intensive anti-wrinkle Serum is recognized by dermatologists to erase wrinkles and fine wrinkles, smoothes the face which makes a bounced aspect.

Its booster action allows to repair and revive the anti-aging of skin features.

After use, the skin is glowing, bright, smooth and signs of age reduced.


No paraben.

Anti-aging care.

operating tips

Apply morning and/or evening on the face, dcollet after aoir conducted cleaning.

Well insist on greatest areas.