Noreva Kerapil care preparer hair removal 75ml

preparer waxing care to facilitate the removal and limit the sensations of pain related to hair removal.
Manufacturer: LED NOREVA
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SKU 6556017 Noreva Kerapil care preparer hair removal 75 ml


Laboratory Noreva offers a preparer hair removal treatment: Kerapil.

This treatment has been developed to facilitate the epilationen reducing the unpleasant sensatins felt when epilating with his Dermalgesique complex. Indeed, it is quickly and durably on the nerve endings of the epidermis.

, Its gel texture complements the benefits of this treatment ensuring freshness upon its application effect.

In addition, this treatment can be used on all hairy areas regardless of the method of hair removal.

Tips for using Noreva Kerapil:

Apply the care throughout the area to be epilated. Massage to get the gel. Allow 3 minutes then check the complete penetration of frost before epilating.

To reduce the risk of burns when epilating with hot wax, it is recommended to test the temperature on a zone has been granted Kerapil.


in case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

No paraben.