Noreva Exfoliac Gel scrub 50ml

Oily skin with imperfections
Manufacturer: LED NOREVA


SKU 7353138 Exfoliac Gel scrub 50 ml


oily skin to blemishes


Scrub double action :
Immediate, thanks to the exfoliating beads that gently eliminate dead cells and impurities
Extended thanks to the AHA that smooth the skin texture and minimize imperfections

Allows better efficiency of care products prescribed in addition

is easily removed by rinsing with water

operating tips:

apply 2-3 times a week in lieu of the Gel cleanser foaming Exfoliac
massage gently with circular movements
rinse, dry without rubbing

deposit a small amount of gel into the Palm of your hand (clean)
apply the product on damp skin of the face massaging gently in small circular motion and emphasizing the places where houses your imperfections.
rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry without rubbing.

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