Noreva Actipur 3in1 anti-blemish care 30ml

Actipur is an anti-imperfection care for acne-prone skin.

Manufacturer: LED NOREVA

SKU: 6298294


Actipur 3 in 1 by Noreva is specially recommended for sensitive and oily skin prone to imperfections.

Its formula eliminates impurities and spots, fixes skin imperfections, and soothes irritated areas. This intensive anti-imperfection care corrects severe imperfections, clogged pores and residual marks. With this cream, your skin becomes crisp and delicately fragranced. Free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and non-comedogenic, this treatment offers a highly tolerant skin.


Cream that deals with skin imperfections. 

Directions for use

Apply morning and or evening on a clean face. Avoid contact with the eyes.


Keratozin A, Phytosphingosine-Vitamin PP, Micro-sponges, Ceramides and moisturizers, AHA and BHA free


30ml tube.