Nexcare Coldhot Maxi 30 x 19, 5 cm box 1

Thermal pads reusable hot as cold, it naturally relieves pain. Flexible, he wife forms painful areas
Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M
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SKU 6061149 Nexcare Coldhot Maxi 30 x 20 cm box 1

cryotherapy / thermotherapy.
reusable. Wash hand.
ColdHot classic: 10cm x 10cm cheek, hand, finger, wrist...

all products in the range 3 m Nexcare ColdHot are seams envelopes containing a non-toxic soft gel.

These cushions can be stored in the freezer to be always ready for use, it can be reheated in the microwave on low power.

cryotherapy: sprains, dislocations, stretching, tears, sprains, tendinitis, bruises, bruises, migraines, slight fevers, bleeding from the nose, pain dental.

thermotherapy: rheumatic pain, low back pain, back pain, cervicalgia, lumbago, stiff neck.

operating tips:
in the microwave or in a double boiler to use hot in the refrigerator or in the freezer for cold use. Provided with a protection cover

Precautions for use:
-do not apply without protective cover
-do not use on sensitive skin
-check the temperature of the pad with the back of the hand before application.

Propylene Glycol and methylcellulose Gel. Polyester pocket.

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