Nexcare ColdHot cushions thermal segment Super flexible 11cm x 23cm

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super flexible segments thermal cushion. Used to treat pain naturally using the hot and cold (delivered with cover Microfiber high performance)

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 2587533 Nexcare ColdHot cushions thermal Super flexible reusable s Segments

Nexcare invites you to discover its cushion heat super flexible segments 11 cm x 23.5 cm to help relieve hematomas, sprains, strains of the members, stretching, inflammation, joint stiffness...

hot or cold efficiency foolproof

Nexcare thermal pad can be used hot or cold therapy to relieve your pain. It is reusable.

Supplied with the cushions, you can use the Microfiber cover high performance with an elastic strap for optimal maintenance and better conservation of the temperature of the pad. Nexcare also offers other processes to treat pain due to physical activity.

Nexcare cold therapy

cold therapy helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Cold, Nexcare thermal pad can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • ankle sprains
  • ligaments stretching
  • inflammation
  • swelling following contusion

Nexcare hot therapy

hot therapy helps reduce pain and reduce muscle spasms. The heat loosens and relaxes your body. Hot, Nexcare thermal pad can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • muscle spasms
  • ,
  • joint stiffness
  • ,
  • temperature rise of the muscles before activity


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T. Caroline
  the 06/03/2018
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Produit conforme
G. Alexandre
  the 16/09/2017
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  the 24/08/2017
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facile à l'emploie
W. Isabelle
  the 13/01/2017
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B. Philippe
  the 02/10/2016
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