Nexcare ColdHot Comfort cushion heat reusable hot and cold 11 cm x 26cm

cryotherapy / thermotherapy. Cushion heat reusable hot and cold
Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M


SKU: 1732510 Nexcare ColdHot Comfort heat pad reusable hot and cold

indication: cryotherapy / thermotherapy. reusable. Can be washed by hand. Microwave compatible. ColdHot comfort: 26.5 cm x 10cm for leg, knees, ankle...

All products in the range 3 m Nexcare ColdHot are seams envelopes containing a non-toxic soft gel.

These cushions can be stored in the freezer to be always ready to employment. maxi and comfort cushions can be warmed in the microwave on low power.

Cryotherapy: sprains, dislocations, stretching, tears, sprains, tendinitis, bruises, bruises, migraines, slight fevers, bleeding from the nose, dental pain.

Thermotherapy: rheumatic pain, low back pain, back pain, cervicalgia, lumbago, stiff neck.

operating tips: in the microwave or in a double boiler to use hot, the fridge or the freezer for use in cold supplied with a protective cover.

Safety precautions :-do not apply without protective cover -do not use on sensitive skin -check the temperature of the pad with the back of the hand before application.

composition: Gel in Propylene Glycol and methylcellulose. Polyester pocket.