Nexcare ColdHot Back And Abdomen Belt Size L/XL

Heat pad reusable to relieve the abdominal and back pain.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 5806621 Nexcare ColdHot Back And Abdomen Belt Size L/XL

Abdominal and back pain are very troublesome. In fact, they are quite debilitating because they prevent us from practicing certain everyday activities. It is therefore important to relieve these pain in order to prevent these pains originating in disorders enventuels.


3 m health laboratories have developed Nexcare product range that allows to relieve abdominal and back pain.

Nexcare ColdHot Back and Abdomen Belt is a reusable heat pad size L/XL. This belt microfibre Thinsulate naturally relieves hot or cold pain the back or abdomen.

If you want to decrease swelling, inflammation in the back or hip, it should be used cold.

While you want to relieve back pain and reduce muscle cramps (especially when rules), it should use the thermal pad hot.

The belt allows an application and an optimal preservation of the cushion on the painful area of the back or belly. Thanks microfibres Thinsulates, it keeps a constant pad temperature longer.

Gel cushion contains is safe and non-toxic. In addition, it is biodegradable.

Your pain subside and are eliminated every day with the use of the thermal pad.

Thermal pad COLDHOT BACK and ABDOMEN BELT can alleviate chronic back pain or one-time without recourse to medication.

use Nexcare ColdHot Back And Abdomen Belt tips:

  • using the cushion cold: place the gel pack in the freezer, it can be left in the freezer when not in use. Then during use, place it in the house. Attach the harness to the level of the painful area. Keep the belt for 20 minutes.

To repeat the operation, wait 20 minutes between each operation.

  • Using the cushion hot: heat the gel pack or by immersing it for 6 minutes in boiling water, or by passing it in the microwave. Knead the pad to homogenize the temperature in any pocket. Then, place the gel pack in the house and hook it to the belt on the back or belly. Keep the belt 60 minutes.


Size L/XL (100-136cm).

always ensure that the gel pack is not damaged (if this is the case, take the),

Stop the application in the case of unpleasant sensations.