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Nexcare Cold Hot Neck Warmer 6 heating bags

£12.30 This product is no longer made or distributed.
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SKU 4214956 Nexcare Cold Hot Neck Warmer 6 heating bags

Overview : instant heat for 42 hours and more. activates the contact air. specific ColdHot Neck. applying hot or cold is a non-medicated method to treat minor injuries, as well as to reduce the swelling. cold helps relieve pain in different ways :-it relaxes nerve endings in the area of the injury , thus reducing the sensation of pain. -it reduces the swelling caused by the blood flow in the area. -it soothes the stitches that you feel so often when one gets hurt. in many cases, heat is applied after the therapy by the cold. The heat soothes the aches and pains by accelerating the blood flow and flexibility of muscles and joints. It proves beneficial in people suffering from arthritis or rheumatism. operating tips : open vacuum packaging and remove the bag. slide the bag in the pocket of the ColdHot Neck collar where it will produce 7 hours and more a comfortable temperature of about 57 to 69 if you wish to use heating bag (whose duration of action is more than 7 hours) only a few hours replace after partial use in airtight plastic packaging and close it after to have removed the more air possible. to reuse, pull out the packing bag, shake it for a few seconds and glissez(le dans la poche ColdHot NeckComposition:Fer, eau, cellulose, vermiculite, charbon actif, sel.


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