Nexcare Cold Hot Maternity heat cushion

Stimulates the milk, promotes its flow and decreases breast congestion.

Manufacturer: Nexcare 3M

SKU: 6061267 Nexcare Cold Hot Maternity heat cushion


So give the breast is a magical moment, it can sometimes cause some hassle. Warmed in the bath or stored in the refrigerator, Coldhot maternity Compress is a simple and natural problems sometimes faced by young mothers, before or after feeding.

With its ergonomic shape 'Crescent', it is adaptable to all breasts and can be placed inside a bra. Reusable at will.

Before feeding, it uses hot to stimulate milk, promote its flow, prevent congestion and reduce breast congestion.

And cold, after feeding, it serves to reduce the risk of inflammation and pain immediately.

directions for use:

Always use it with the cover.

Cushions 3 m Nexcare Coldhot Maternity and cover may be washed by hand with a mild detergent. Do not use bioethanol or other solvents to clean the cushions.

The cover can be also cleaned machine. The thermal pad can also be used as a complementary means to reduce inflammation posoperatoires and the inconvenience after breast surgery such as the increase or reduction of the volume of the chest, a facelift or a breast reconstruction (always after your doctor's advice).

Before any application on the skin, the Coldhot cushion must be place the inside ' a clean cloth or the supplied cover. Do not apply the cushion cold before breastfeeding, because cold temperatures could reduce the flow of milk and the stream.

Never apply the pad directly on the skin without its cover (to cold come hot) or during sleep.

Never warm pad if it is folded or pleated.

He could flee. The pad may be damaged if it is overheated. Use only by following recommendations for use. Keep out the reach of children.


Box of 2 thermal pads