Neutrogena® Formule Norvégienne® Lip Balm 4,8g Set of 2 + 1 Free

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Protect your lips from the cold and the winter with the new formula Norwegian of Neutrogena.

Manufacturer: Neutrogena



SKU: 9728246 Neutrogena Pack of 2 Sticks has lips 4.8 g

Neutrogena protects your lips with a restorative and protective balm lip stick. Designed for conditions extreme climate, the lip stick fits easily in your bag.

Neutrogena Sticks A lipstick, properties

compound of a Norwegian formula that moisturizes, softens and protects your lips. sticks lipstick tips

to use when your lips are dried or chapped. spread the solution on your lips at multiple applications per day.

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  the 05/09/2018
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